Smoky, Juicy, Healthy, American BBQ is Here For You!

Smoky, Juicy, Healthy, American BBQ is Here For You!
With the introduction into summer time, it is now the perfect time for loved ones to get together and enjoy the great outdoors. BBQ is made for cooking outdoors and enjoying all what nature has to offer, all while enjoying great, quality food at the same time. Americans love to BBQ. It’s our favorite pastime from smoked ribs to grilled salmon, barbequing is a symbol of our love for smoky food and the great outdoors. You often hear though from the overly healthy dieticians and picky eaters, of the dangers that barbequing can bring. From fatty meat to indulgent sides, many claim that a barbeque is a recipe for some serious heart disease and artery clogging. Actually this isn’t true. Barbequing is so versatile and great that not only can it include the unhealthiest of food, but can include very healthy foods. The best part about a BBQ is that it can make even the healthiest food, taste absolutely amazing to dig into. In this article, I will introduce the ways that a good BBQ can bring all families smiling, all while being good for your body!
Healthy Benefits to Grilling!
Less Fat? Yes, Please
It is quite funny, the lengths overly healthy, anti-BBQ people will go to, in an attempt to put out the idea that barbequed food is essentially the worst thing you can do for yourself. This is actually very far from the truth. Anything in too much amounts is bad for you, so yes of course eating barbequed meat in high quantities every single day is not really going to improve your body in any way, yet a little here and there can actually be better for you than traditional stovetop cooking! It turns out that meats that are barbequed on the grill as opposed to grilled on the stovetop have less fat! This is due to the fact that excess fat drips off of the BBQ grates whereas it stays inside the pan on regular stovetop cooking. Since the fat has nowhere to go, it stays in the pan, only to be reabsorbed by the meat, and that is a big health no no.
Grilled Vegetables = Healthier You!
Did you know that vegetables grilled on the grill can actually be more advantageous in the health department than those other methods of cooking vegetables? Well now you do! Grilling is actually proven to keep your vegetable’s nutrients intact whereas other methods of cooking vegetables do not. It is always best to consume vegetables in their natural state. Grilling allows them to be as close to their fresh state as possible because they are cooked extremely quickly, which allows for vital nutrients to stay intact. This is especially true for vegetables that have a low water content. Compare this to vegetables that are boiled. Boiling actually leads to overcooking of the vegetables and this leads to majority of the vitamins and nutrients in the vegetables to literally be stripped off.
Grilled Meat is Good For You!
Likewise to what was stated about grilled vegetables having more vitamins and nutrients locked in them than other methods of vegetables, the same can be said for meat! Grilled meat has been proven to hold in both thiamine and riboflavin levels within them. High levels of thiamine and riboflavin are actually extremely good for you because they aid in improving your immune system and energy levels so you feel more ready to handle the day or anything that comes your way. They also act as the perfect detox for your system as well! In addition to important minerals and vitamins being locked inside grilled meat, grilled meat has a tendency to also be lower in calories than meat that is grilled from other methods! This is because the whole method of grilling meat on a grill in general, makes meat tastier naturally. This means people don’t need to resort to methods of making heavy marinades or other foods that can help with the juiciness and overall taste of the meat. Grilled meat naturally has a very juicy and smoky taste that majority of the time marinades are needed in a very light amount or sometimes not at all. This makes the amount of calories that you consume in grilled meat to be less than that of other meats.
Grilling Encourages Physical Activity
Grilling is so much better for you because it encourages being outside. Since your grill is outside, you obviously have no choice but to go outside as well and this often encourages other family members or friends to join you as well. Being outside is great for the mind, body, and soul. The body needs vitamin D and being outside in the sun allows you to soak up that rich vitamin D! In addition, numerous studies have proven that being outside as opposed to being inside can actually improve stress levels and reduce the amount of anxiety that one feels. It also promotes high physical activity. When you are in the outdoors you feel more inclined to participate in activities that correlate with being in the outdoors such as running, jumping, swimming, playing sports, walking around, etc. Barbequing is a great way to get yourself moving out and about. It encourages your family and friends to get moving, and not stay cooped up in the house all day long watching TV or sitting on the couch.
Tips That Will Make a BBQ an Even Healthier Experience!
The Leaner, the Better!
It seems that when it is time to pull out the grill and get the BBQ started, many Americans tend to gravitate towards the traditional burgers and hotdogs! For an overall healthy grilling experience, one should actually stay away from such meats. When grilling, try to go for leaner meats. This includes meats such as chicken, fish, or pork. Leaner meat means less fat and a much healthier you! If you still decide to go for a burger try to pick up beef that is marked 93/7. This means that the beef only carries 7% fat and is healthier for you! Always try to go lean when you barbeque, so that you are still reaping positive benefits from the whole experience.
Always Incorporate Your Veggies
As stated before, grilled veggies pose a whole lot more positive, health benefits than those other methods of cooking vegetables. Now that you know of the amazing health benefits you can reap from grilled veggies, it makes sense that you always incorporate veggies as a side to whatever dish you are serving. Fry up some zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, etc, to make the whole BBQ experience a lot healthier for you and your loved ones.
Charcoal is Not Your Friend
It’s important to note that when it comes down to figuring out how to fuel your handy dandy grill, you stick to gas methods as opposed to charcoal, Some doctors have noted that charcoal grills can actually expose your food to harmful chemicals that can be cancerous and dangerous. Gas grills completely eliminate this horrible possibility, and they are a lot cleaner and easier to use than charcoal. If you can’t use the gas grill at the time you decide to cook than try not to overcook your meat and keep it as far away from smoke as possible. Not adhering to these rules could lead to some serious cancer causing dinner.
Marinate a Lil Bit
When looking at this tip, don’t take it to the far extreme. We already noted that marinating too much can lead to a high calorie dinner, but that doesn’t mean don’t marinate at all! Marinating enhances your already juicy and great tasting meat and it makes for a lot of versatility in flavor. Want to know the best part about marinating meat though? It is said that marinating your meat can actually help to eliminate cancer causing chemicals that can seep into your meat by about 99%!
Get Crazy with the Health Alternatives!
If you are having a little bit of an issue between deciding on what a healthy alternative to steak is than look for some inspiration! Thank you for the internet because the internet has tons and tons of recipes that you can use that are a healthier for you and your family. Get crazy and branch out with new grilling recipes that you have never tried before and have fun with the family as you try them out! Trying out new, healthy alternatives are always fun, and it’s even better when they turn out so good that you are beyond surprised at the outcome!
Switch Out the Dessert with Some Delicious Fresh Fruit!
Barbeques tend to be extremely popular in the summer time for being oh so delicious and enjoyable! You know what is also popular in the summertime? Fresh fruit! People love fresh fruit during the summer because it’s a great way to stay hydrated and beat the heat all while enjoying something refreshing and sweet, Many doctors actually recommend eating fruit on days where the sweet cravings are too much and you will be delighted to know that fruit works just as good as those unhealthy chocolates and cakes! The natural sugars from fruit makes fruit the perfect dessert to curb those sweet cravings after a smoky and savory meal, all while keeping you hydrated as you stay active in the heat and outdoors!
Get the Healthy Beverages Rolling!
I believe part of the reason why so many are so quick to jump on the BBQ is bad for you bandwagon is because, BBQ offers a lot of room to try out those unhealthy fantasies. I mean it’s no secret that with great tasting meat you always need something equally refreshing and just as great to drink along with it. People start reaching for the really sweet and sugary teas or the ice cold soda and although those drinks for sure taste so amazing with fresh, smoky barbequed meat, if you want to be healthier, you have to examine some other healthier alternatives. There are so many ways that one can enjoy a good BBQ and stay refreshed all while being healthy! Stop stocking up on the sodas, teas, and sugary juices when planning a BBQ. Instead try stocking up on fruit infused waters, fresh, raw, lemonade, homemade smoothies, and freshly squeezed orange juices. These options are a lot more fresh and healthy and will still keep you satisfied on those hot summer days!
Healthy BBQ Alternatives to Try!
-Teriyaki Salmon Steaks
-Vegetable Skewers
-Veggie Chips
-Fresh Veggies and Hummus
-Black Bean Burgers
-Cut Fruit
-Turkey Burgers
-Quinoa Salad
-Carolina Coleslaw
-Potato Salad
-Baked Beans
-Grilled Corn on the Cob
-Bun Free Burgers
Whenever the craving for BBQ hits, you don’t need to sacrifice your cravings because you are scared to be unhealthy! A BBQ is so versatile and you can make it as healthy or as unhealthy as you want it to be all while satisfying that great smoky flavor that you are craving! Barbeques are a great way to enjoy the heat and have fun, as well as a way to get out for a bit and not stay cooped up in the house watching Netflix. Healthy doesn’t have to stop for the good times to continue rolling. Take these barbeque benefits and tips to heart when you plan your next BBQ and you will soon realize that healthy never tasted so good before in your life. Get others involved too and let all your neighbors, friends, and family know that healthy and BBQ can be in the exact same sentence. Make sure to check out more healthy alternatives and tips on the web to become the ultimate pro at making the best, smoky, and healthy piece of meat that you have ever tried in your life. Hurry before the family decides to cook on the stovetop today!

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